Complaint Letter To Police For Threatening

Are you looking for some best samples of Complaint Letter To Police For Threatening? If your answer is Yes, here you can get your best sample for life threatening complaint letter.

If someone is threatening you, you will be a little scared, but I will tell you, there is no need to panic. Because our legal system is enough strong and strict. So I also want you to take legal action against it.

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You can easily lodge a complaint at your local police station using those sample complaint letter given below. I’m sure the police will help you in this situation.

Complaint Letter To Police For Threatening

The Police Incharge,
(Police Station Name),
(Police Station Address).

Subject: Life threatening complaint letter to police.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am ________ (Your Name), currently residing at ________(Mention your address). Yesterday my neighbor had a big quarrel with me. The reason for this quarrel was that I had a place next to my house, my neighbor was trying to forcefully occupy it with some fake documents.

Because I prevented them from occupying it, they threatened me with my life. This is exactly what I was forced to write this Complaint Letter to you. I hope you take this matter seriously and take some strong action on this issue.

Thank you in advance.

Yours Faithfully,
(Your Name),
(Your Mobile No),

Sample Complaint Letter To Police For Life Threatening

The Sub Inspector,
(Police Station Name),

Subject: Complaint letter to police for threatening.

Respected Sir,

First of all, I would like to inform you that some hooligans live next to my house and they play loud music every night using some big loudspeakers. Our family has repeatedly asked them to stop, but they have not listened to us.

Tomorrow, when we tell them to turn off the loudspeakers and we threaten to make them compliant with the police, they threaten to kill me.

I request you to look into this matter as soon as possible. Because it can slowly cause a big problem. Looking forward to your positive response.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Yours Sincerely,
[Your Name],
[Your Contact Details].

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Letter To Police Commissioner For Security

The Police Commissioner,
(Police Station Name),

Subject: Complaint letter to police for life threatening.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, _________ [Write Your Name], am writing this letter in sheer desperation. I took a loan of Rs 2 lakh from a person about a few months ago. He gave me 6 months to repay this loan. But after 2 months, he started forcing me to repay the loan.

Since I don’t have money now, I can’t repay the loan to him now. I asked him for 10 days to raise money but in return he threatened to kill me.

Below are the full details of the person from whom I took the loan –
Person Name: Ratan Sen.
Loan Amount: 2 Lakh.
Loan Payoff Time: 8 Month.
Person Address: Jeevan Praksh, Post Box No.102, 25, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi
Mobile No: 9088XXXX15.

Please look into this matter urgently & I hope for a quick adjustment to this problem.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
[Your Name],
[Your Contact Details].

Using the above samples you can write almost all types of police complaint letters for threatening. Also, if you need more samples on this topic, then kindly please make a comment in the comment section below.

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